Yesterday I accompanied my mum to a family gathering where I was the youngest by 20 years. The mysterious process of getting old carries a sad tail and graceful plume along with it; sadness because often the sense of loss is literally visable in an elderly person’s eyes. Grace is there to the degree that wisdom resides. I’m reminded of something I read recently – at the end of Jack Kornfield’s book ‘A Path with Heart’ – where he offers signposts for spiritual maturity, which could easily be interpreted as ‘how to get old gracefully’. There’s a loss-of-self in there that seems to run to the heart of everything. And that I thankfully see in my mother…

Non-idealism // Kindness // Patience // Immediacy // Sense of the sacred that is integrated and personal // Questioning // Flexibility // Embracing opposites // Life is found in RELATIONSHIPS // Ordinariness

To build your life around these  is like preparing a kingdom for everyone who will be around to see you unfold into death.