Life of Pi

September 26, 2010

I just finished reading this wonderful novel, a reminder of the world of the animal and the imagination that lies behind our life experience when we find ways to tune into it. The author Yann Martell was recently on Radio 4’s Bookclub – this is the link to listen to it He describes so compellingly  how the book unfolds to test the limits of our faith…’progressively harder to believe’…and to beg the question whether the faith-inspired way of seeing the world is the very best (and most ‘real’) way of looking.

A post-script on this that relates to yoga! Waking the Tiger is a book by Peter Levine that has been a back drop to how  to appreciate how yoga can become a path to freeing us – from the type of fear, trauma and the consequent ‘survival patterns’ that kick in a result…as in Life of Pi.