Greece Poem June 2012

June 30, 2012

Body and words melt,
Drowned by sense and sound,
And the sea’s blue quell
Pulsating and shimmering
In the electric air.

Bright streaks strike the
Eyes in patterns like shutters;
Stark insights whisper
Through long grasses
And  then stream out:

There is a choice
In the layers of this world;
In how our lives penetrate
In how our lives thrust into
Its crust and heat and beauty…

Do we allow its luminosity
To shine through our soul?
Or do we fold into
Its purpley shade,
Close our eyes, breathe out?

This country of light
And white and lines
Marking out the aquamarine
Horizon of countless dreams
Finds the body passing…

In and out of shadow and sun
So easily
That body and words melt
I am lost
But also found.