Boundless – August 2017

August 9, 2017

This poem was inspired by the non-duality (advaita) retreat I was part of at Kissos in the Pelion with Michael A. Rodriguez and friends. Another attempt to express the learning of living and diving in the liminal 

me naked swim plaka jul 17


That day I saw
There was no division
Between the sea and sky –
The haze quivered alive
And illuminated a wonder;
Whilst I walk the divining line
Where dance these elements,
Holding their opposing poles
In my arms, my chest
I also disappear, here, there
Into what cannot be divided.

Your withdrawl, O my soul
Gives me the eyes to see
I am wholly part of you;
I am the total sensation
Of what I truly seek.
To know you, to touch you,
To draw you with my pen.
To shape my beingness
Into this nonexistent edge;
The door that has shut you out,
Has shuttered you into beliefs,
Filtered your image through
Perfection and imperfection,
Through safe and unsafe,
O the constant push and pull…

Suddenly this very threshold
Stirs and opens; light spills in
And a shadow takes on form;
It is a human being walking,
Through the shining haze,
Shimmering, appearing,
Disappearing and
These lines
Word into

me naked swim 3 plaka jul 17

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