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Rebecca’s approach to yoga is inspired by the late Vanda Scaravelli and her London-based teacher and Rolfing instructor over many years, Giovanni Felicioni.

Having trained in performing arts, storytelling and dance, Rebecca’s artistic approach explores yoga as a relational experience, as well as a personal encounter. Her way of working with this ancient practice starts with the presence of the person in their body, opening the field of the ‘felt-sense’ into a practice based on grounded and hands-on exploration of the body’s natural awareness and movement. She creates an interactive space that encourages students to adopt a personal journey of enquiry. This discovery is a wholesome resource that enables the student to integrate spiritual practice with their story on and off the mat.

Therefore we can say that this way of working isn’t so much a ‘style’ of yoga as an invitation to uncover for ourselves a more easeful and natural way of being rested in our bodies’; paradoxically through a constantly moving process of releasing and realigning. When we move away from the temptation to stretch, fix or push the body into shapes, we find ourselves inside a yoga that balances opposites: flexibility with strength, relaxation with vitality and a groundedness that is complimented by lightness and flow. From here, the gesture of each pose becomes a doorway into happiness and well-being. An awakening of the intelligence of the body that is both healing and creative.

After practicing for ten years in both the UK and India, Rebecca followed an apprenticeship as an assistant Iyengar teacher in India by becoming qualified as a teacher in 2008, a BWY accredited course run by Chloe Fremantle, Peter Blackaby, Anne-Marie Zulkahari, Giovanni Felicioni, Catherine James, Neville Cregan and others, all of whom were trained by Mary Stewart in Scaravelli’s technique.

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