OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWelcome to the Yoga with Dialogue Workshops initiative, bringing yoga practitioners, dialogue and therapeutic facilitators together to create workshops that explore new ways to connect and invite integration between’practice’ and ‘life’.

Upcoming Workshops:

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These workshops aim to introduce yoga practitioners, facilitators and anyone involved in personal development to new material, where yoga meets with group conversation, and traditionally individual practice is welcomed to the threshold of human relationships.

The focus is how the body and the brain works with narratives, inner and outer. And how a supportive, empathetic space and shift of awareness in how we relate to these narratives can bring about transformation; a more inclusive state of being, where ‘everything belongs’

These workshops will create a safe space for narratives to be shared through group work and how story-lines get written into the body. Through time ‘on the mat’, we will aim to explore patterns of thinking about the body, its senses and perceptions, and what we hope something like yoga might achieve or resolve in our lives. For example, by ‘meeting the other side’ of our holding of a posture, we enter into the territory of accidental discovery and new insights into where yoga might meet with how we live and act in the world.

We will use specific dialogue techniques to explore identity, and to discover which stories are dominant or marginalised, and how we relate to inner and outer conflicts. By doing this we can become more closely connected to ‘the ground’ of our experience; where we need to ‘come closer’ and the role of creating space around what is happening so that new energies can begin to flow.

Here we can hope for something more than achieving a posture or certain state of being or feeling. We can discover a space where our physical, mental and spiritual narratives integrate and open us something deeper than our thoughts. This space is a source for understanding our own experience and relationships more directly and a wisdom that is universal.


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