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A Journey through Story and the Body to the Ground of Being 

June 24th – July 1st – Anilio Centre, Pelion, Greece

with Sue-Claire Morris and Rebecca Brewin

This week will combine the resources of movement (through yoga and dance psychotherapy) and story (through personal sharing and traditional myth).

DSC_2038 (3)Sounds unusual? Well it is! Culturally the body and the beliefs and myths we pattern our lives on are kept in separate compartments. Here we will seek to create a space where the symbolism, the wildness and the silence, expressed in this landscape, in nature and archetype, can help to support, open, reveal and reform our own personal and collective stories, and how we can therefore move and relate to our bodies in transformative ways.

Dancing feet image Jul 2014 w-shop flierDance Movement Psychotherapy is one of the Creative Arts Therapies and uses symbolism, metaphor and movement to explore themes. Sue-Claire will facilitate a space to work with Archetypes and personal myths and stories, inspired by Greek legends in the beautiful Pelion landscape of gods and goddesses. We will be working through the chakra system, exploring the shadows that might be blocking the true potential of who we are. Using movement, creative writing and shamanic journeying, we will be working inside and outside during the sessions exploring our relationship to the Micro/Macro.

2014-06-22 04.49.42 (3)Yoga could be understood as a grounding way to ‘bring things together’ in the body. It can also be experienced as a tool to enable things to move apart, open, find space; in a body-sense to find new perspectives and orientation. Coming together and falling apart is all part of the movement of life, of nature, inviting us to enquire at different stages of our journey, what is centre, what am I aligning myself to? Is this supporting my growth, or does it need to change? Rebecca will lead sessions in a Scaravelli-inspired understanding of yoga, exploring through posture, hands-on support and group and pair work how we can deepen our connection with ground, breath and wave, through what Vanda Scaravelli called ‘awakening the spine’.

Sue Claire portrait (2)SUE-CLAIRE MORRIS

Sue-Claire has a background in the Theatre as an Actress, working in Education, Community and more recently with a Women’s Theatre Company, Tarte Noire, using a form of Theatre known as Playback.

She is a Counsellor and Dance Movement Psychotherapist, working in Private Practice in South West England. She works creatively to help facilitate people’s stories. www.counsellingforclarity.co.uk

In 2007 she set up Healing Hearts and Landscapes www.healingheartsandlandscapes.co.uk with Zoe Hudson and has been delivering programmes round the celtic wheel of Environmental Expressive Arts. Sue-Claire and Zoe have also been working with labyrinths as trained Labyrinth Facilitators www.veriditas.org and as Moving Mandala teachers having trained with Nancy Sherwood, a Shamanic grandmother in Canada www.travellersjoy.ca


Rebecca’s background is in the arts. She has travelled extensively, living in various communities and ashrams; her yoga training began in the Iyengar tradition in India in 2005. She then trained for two years as a Scaravelli-based teacher in London with Chloë Fremantle and Anne-Marie Zulkahari (London YTTC British Wheel of Yoga accredited teacher training). The inspiration for her teaching is the late Vanda Scaravelli and her teacher of many years, Giovanni Felicioni. She now teaches classes at her home in Somerset and through workshops and retreats in London and throughout the UK and Greece. See www.handtoearth.net

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