Working to connect environmental projects and organisations with diverse community groups.

Hand to Earth projects aim to:

Enable diverse communities to engage more creatively and meaningfully with their local environment.

Access local knowledge, through creative dialogue based on diverse experience, allowing it to bear weight in the organisational planning and decision-making of local NGOs and public sector bodies.

Recognise and open opportunities for potential partnership work between communities and local organisations, to increase sustainability and resourcefulness.

Tailor strategies to increase equality and diversity – for example including minority cultural and faith groups in infrastructure and communications – to remove barriers and promote co-production and the best way of getting things done.

Harness relationships with community groups to enable greater wellbeing and re-visioning of how we can make the things that matter to us really count, as part of a process of transformation. (For articles on a range of issues exploring this see New Economics Foundation).

Hand to Earth Tools:

Hosting of inclusive training and dialogue events around issues of local concern.

Adaptable implementation of the LIFE model. Read more…

Nurturing provision of bodywork practices, meditation and retreats.

Deep Ecology: space for spiritual insight into ecological issues. Read more



The first ‘mini LIFE retreat’ took place at The Quadrangle in Kent in July 2010. The mini LIFE retreat was a culmination of a series of LIFE gatherings held throughout the year, with the aim of building a bridge between women of different faith groups and activities exploring the local environment in the London borough of Lambeth. Read the full story

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